Driven Central Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Seeks Justice for the Accused

Experienced Pennsylvania lawyer challenges the prosecution’s evidence in criminal cases

At MH Criminal Defense in Center Valley, I represent clients in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania in a variety of criminal defense matters and understand the obstacles defendants face when charged with a crime. With 15 years of legal experience, I know how to attack prosecution’s case and present convincing arguments to support your defense. Whether you were charged with aggravated assault, questioned about possible involvement in drug trafficking or arrested on suspicion of DUI, I will look at all the facts and advise you on the best way to pursue a favorable outcome.

Responsive counselor fights for clients’ interests

When you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor or felony, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is central to obtaining a good result. I strive to provide high-quality legal assistance and offer the following to each client:

  • Aggressive advocacy — Taking decisive action from the very beginning is a key part of a good defense, and I use proven leg­­al strategies to contest the charges against you.
  • Personalized representation — The more I understand the facts of your case, the better I can help you, and I work to keep every client updated and involved throughout their legal process.
  • A track of successful decisions — Having fought for the accused since 2007, I know how to approach the most complex of cases and have won positive outcomes for numerous clients.

Choosing an attorney is a big decision, and I am committed to giving each client a fair chance at securing a just result in their case.

Determined advocate defends against DUI charges and other criminal allegations

I want my clients to receive fair and reasonable treatment, and offer forceful and thorough criminal defense representation to Central and Eastern Pennsylvania residents in matters related to the following:

  • Violent crimes — Being accused of a violent crime such as domestic violence or assault and battery, can result in years of imprisonment, or even life in prison if you are charged with and convicted of homicide. I know what’s at stake in these cases and will exhaust every legal option to protect your rights.
  • Gun and weapons crimes — Pennsylvania is known for imposing harsh penalties for gun and weapons crimes, and I know how to pick apart these cases to combat violations of my clients’ fundamental rights.
  • Theft — You need immediate help to effectively fight theft charges such as robbery burglary, and I will present every available defense to support your case.
  • Parole and probation — I am adept at helping previously convicted individuals with parole and probation matters.
  • Sex crimes — Even an allegation of a sex crime can seriously disrupt your life. You need an experienced attorney ready to fight for your rights if charges are filed, and I know how to respond to the prosecution’s tactics.
  • Drug crimes — While you should always take drug crime allegations seriously, the situation may not be as dire as it first appears. There are several points in the legal process where the collection of evidence can be challenged, and I know how to point out police officers’ errors and improper actions.
  • Driving offenses — Getting pulled over for a traffic violation or on suspicion of DUI/DWI is highly stressful and disorienting. I handle all types of driving offenses and will not be deterred from seeking a positive outcome for you.

I want my clients to get a fair day in court and provide zealous and deliberate representation at every stage of a criminal justice proceeding.

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