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MH Criminal Defense boasts 15 years of criminal defense experience. We champion your case with outright honesty and transparency, upholding the right to a fair trial.

MH Criminal Defense: Championing Your Right to Fair Trial

We represent each case with determination and integrity, seeking to uphold your rights as you face trial. Your case deserves care and attention, and we are available 24 hours a day for your convenience. We represent any case of alleged theft, assault, homicide, and more.

Expert Criminal Defense across Pennsylvania

At MH Criminal Defense, we have many years of facing the obstacles that the legal system puts up for the defendant. Our priority is to uphold your right to a fair trial, no matter the allegations. We are an admitted firm in Pennsylvania Court & Eastern District and the New Jersey State Court.

MH Criminal Defense Services
We offer expert knowledge of the legal system and are armed with the drive to defend your rights.
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Assault & Violent Offenses
Experience stalwart defense against allegations of violence.
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We guarantee detailed attention to your case and robust representation to fight for your rights.
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Sexual Assault & Child Sex Crimes
Let us be your partner in providing careful and responsible representation in sensitive cases.
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Your case deserves transparent and dedicated representation, and MH Criminal Defense provides just that.
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Ensure detail-driven guidance and respectful counseling with an experienced team of criminal defense attorney.
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MH Criminal Defense is your ally in providing focused and careful attention in your fight for justice.
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Accused of a Crime?
At MH Criminal Defense, we provide a dedicated defense of your rights during trial. Reach out to our team for the legal representation you deserve.
About MH Criminal Defense
Bringing tough Philadelphia litigation experience to the suburbs.

At MH Criminal Defense, we understand that facing criminal charges can be an incredibly stressful and uncertain time in your life. That’s why we created our firm with the goal of providing our clients with peace of mind. We are a reliable and dependable team that is always in your corner, fighting for your rights and working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Our Past Clients’ Experiences
Explore a testament to our care for our clients.
Mark Hinrichs is fantastic. He is very patient and will make sure you have a full understanding of everything going on. He is always available...
Aaron Steinmetz
I was staring at a dramatic change in my life due to a fatal car accident. Though I had no priors, the prosecution initially insisted...
Jim Adamson
If you want an attorney who is going to go to bat and secure the best possible outcome for his clients, Attorney Hinrichs is your...
If you’re in need of a lawyer, seriously, look no further. Mark is the real deal, he’s a man of his word, and he is...
Jett Burgess
After getting into a bar brawl one night, a week later I found out that I was being charged with felony aggravated assault. I needed...
Tony Stephens
Tell Us about Your Case
Time is of the essence in criminal defense.
We believe that honest and truthful communication with our clients is essential, and we make it a top priority to keep you informed every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the legal process or simply need someone to talk to, we are here for you. When you choose MH Criminal Defense, you can rest assured that you are working with a team that is committed to your success and dedicated to fighting for your future. Get in touch today to defend your rights.
MH Criminal Defense: A Legal Journal
Providing the best in criminal defense requires updated knowledge of the legal system. With 15 years of experience under our belt, it is our duty to remain relevant and knowledgeable. Read our insights on the criminal justice system and news of our practice.
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