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At MH Criminal Defense in Center Valley, I am committed to providing aggressive criminal defense representation to clients throughout Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. I have extensive experience defending a diverse range of cases, from simple misdemeanors to highly complex felonies, and am highly effective at developing detailed legal strategies to protect clients’ rights. I will carefully review the accusations against you and provide detailed and reliable legal advice throughout your case.

What types of homicide cases are charged in Pennsylvania?

Criminal homicide is the intentional, reckless, negligent or knowing killing of another person, and is charged as either murder or manslaughter. Murder is divided into first, second and third degree counts, depending upon whether the death was premediated (first), occurred during the commission of a felony (second) or was deliberate but not premediated (third). Manslaughter is either voluntary or involuntary and occurs when a person unreasonably believed the killing was justified (voluntary) or caused a death through reckless or grossly negligent behavior (involuntary). Homicide defense cases must be handled with care and by a highly experienced and zealous attorney. I know how to deliver compelling arguments in these cases.

How are sexual offenses punished?

The sentencing in cases involving sexual offenses is often complex, especially when you factor in registration as a sex offender. Misdemeanor convictions can bring up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine, depending on the severity of the offense. Felony convictions can result in up to 25 years in jail and $25,000 in fines, and in certain cases of rape, life imprisonment may be imposed. I will assert every available defense to protect your interests and mitigate any potential punishment.

How are drug crimes classified?

Pennsylvania classifies many types of acts as drug crimes. The following are some of the more common types of alleged misconduct that leads to charges:

  • Possession — Unlawfully possessing a controlled substance
  • Trafficking — The knowing or intentional transport or sale of a controlled substance
  • Distribution — The growth, manufacture, purchase or receipt of a controlled substance with an intent to deliver
  • Manufacturing — Knowingly and intentionally producing or growing a controlled substance

I know the tactics used by prosecutors to try to prove guilt in these cases and am skilled at challenging the government’s claims.

What is the difference between simple assault, aggravated assault and battery?

Knowing the difference between assault and battery can help you understand your situation and which questions to ask your attorney about these charges:

  • Simple assault — Threats of physical harm or actions that are meant to cause injury or that do cause injury
  • Aggravated assault — An attack causing serious injury or involving the use of non-lethal weapons, or any injury to law enforcement, healthcare workers, first responders, teachers, judges and district attorneys
  • Battery — Any unwanted physical touching of another person, even if non-violent

These cases depend very much on the facts, and I will tirelessly fight against excessive charges and unreasonable sentences.

What are some common defenses to a DWI charge?

It may seem you have few options after being charged with DWI, but I am highly experienced at identifying errors and issues that can influence the outcome of your case, such as:

  • Lack of reasonable suspicion necessary for a legal stop
  • Lack of probable cause necessary for an arrest
  • Improper breathalyzer administration or maintenance

I will fully explain what DWI charges mean and help you determine the best legal options to contest the case against you.

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